Puppy Blogging

Today J. and I became puppy parents!



We adopted 3 month old Emmett from Pima Animal Control, which was a less than happy place – very minimal, fairly crowded – and you know that some of the dogs aren’t going to get adopted, and then it is pretty much the end for them.   Our Emmett is a pit bull / boxer, so we have our work cut out for us helping him to be a fun and friendly dog, but also helping other people overcome their assumptions and fears about pit bulls. 


We have been thinking in broad hypotheticals about getting a dog.  We had been thinking about adopting a pup at some vague point in the future – somewhere between learning how to regularly water our rosemary bush and having kids.  We had also been talking some about our (my?) tendency to over plan major life decisions.


For instance we have no interest in having kids right now.  And yet for a whiel we had been measuring out how long to stay in Tucson since we know that graduate school will take ever so many years (and who wants to  have kids when they are in school), and then it takes a few years to start a career (cause who wants to have kids when you are makinhg your grand grown up debut in the world), and then weow, we would need to have kids cause one’s we’d be in our mid 30’s (and who wants to have kids too old).  We found ourselves somehow making life choices for the here and know based around having kids, even though the whoel point of not having kids right now was to not have to make decisions based around kids right now.


Deep breath.


We’ve come to realize that the honest truth is that we have no idea when we will have kids, cause really there is never an ideal time.  All we know is that we are not having them now.


And it turns out that maybe the timing for pets isn’t something we can map out years ahead of time either.  Cause as I’m writing this a furry little creature is napping on my lap.  

And since he is so freakin cute, I’m gonna end this post and go hang out with him.                                                                                    

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  1. Congratulations on being a new parent!!! I look forward to meeting the little creature at your birthday celebration this weekend. – Laura

  2. Hooray, congratulations!

    Kids, ew. But when you have some I’ll love them and be the cranky aunt that sneaks them cigarettes. Just kidding! Although it would kind of be like a family tradition…

    Anyway send me photos of the puppy for my friday link-up cute animal pic. A-S-A-P!

  3. we demand more puppy pictures!

  4. Hello

    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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